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Somewhere along the Train line

It’s not always made obvious to us what lays ahead of us as we make a choice over another. If we knew the proposed outcome for decisions as if we could guarantee the path for 5 years ahead of us, I think we would all be disappointed.

The mystery of life is untangling discontentment from disappointment. Disappointment changes the lenses through which we look at our life and regards our lives as either successful or unsuccessful, useless or put to good use.

I think it’s fair to say that that we don’t get to make that call from where we stand. We’re a bit too close to the picture to be able to judge or summarise it effectively.

What happens when we let go and decide to live just this day in the best way that we can? In doing so we make room for poor decisions or unhealthy choices but we don’t let those become the deciding factor for whether our day was well-lived.

Did you make choices that are going to make your tomorrow a little easier? Did you work on something that you can continue to grow with tomorrow? Did you establish a friendship or a conversation that’s going to set them up to have a good day?

I’ve titled this post ‘Somewhere on the Train line with a picture on my mind stopping at a halfway point on the journey not knowing whether you want to return home to familiar grounds, whether you want to pause and stay right where you are, or whether you want to take a risk and keep going along the journey not knowing what it will bring but trusting that your destination is more purposeful and glorious than where you started out.

The journey we traverse on this earth is so different to the one of anybody else, so unique and individual that all ought to be respected and appreciated because every individual has the ability to make an impact that we can learn from or that can make our brighter place.

When you want to stop where you are or run back to what you know remember this: the depth and breadth of your full journey is yet to be experienced. You don’t see it as a whole until you have your whole race. Take heart, your story is still being written. Keep going x


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