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Rising into the New Year

2020. 2021. Letting go of one year, placing it behind us and only seeing it again if we check the rear view mirror. 2021 is before us and coming it with it: a fresh expectancy, renewed vision, hope, anticipation and growth.

Letting go of one year to step into another can bring emotions of regret and disappointment as we look back but even that provides a platform that prepares us to step out and intentionally seek growth.

Looking back and taking stock of all that has happened this year brings us to a place of awareness, realisation, and intention.

We can choose, and we ought to, how we walk out the choices we want to make each day in the coming year. We can choose what we hold onto and what we let go of. We can choose perspectives we want to maintain and expand on, and we can choose which perspectives and mindsets that we want to discard.

This year provided unique challenges for each and every one of us, unique opportunities to become aware of our own character and the time and place to look inside and harness our growth internally when perhaps the external platforms on which we based our success faded away.

Your new year is shaped by you. The creation of new habits, new opportunities and new successes does not happen with the turning over of a new calendar year or the chiming of a clock at midnight. Your new year starts with you.

It's time to figure what goals you have for yourself in the coming days, months and year. What do you want to implement daily? What areas do you want to grow in physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

Goals are incredible and are so important but do you have a plan? I'm often one for big dreams without a specific plan that's actually going to help me get there.

Make a plan. Enjoy successes. Take heart in the downfalls. Build resilience by getting up time and time and time again. Make your dreams a reality step by step, little by little, plan by plan, day by day.

Take little steps and learn from the seemingly small moments of each day. Shape your new year by creating frameworks and mindsets that are going to enable you to thrive and that won't hinder your growth but support and challenge it.

A new year will bring new challenges, new opportunities, new problems, new resolutions. Take time for you and set yourself up to be the best you that you were created to be. Go grab your goals.


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