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Pain shapes our Perspective

It's said that your beliefs create your reality, that what you think about and believe creates and is reflected by your current reality.

When I look back on my life so far there are so many moments and seasons that I wouldn't have asked for, that at the time were painful and confusing and seemed to have no real meaning. What I later realised in then looking back was that I was provided with a platform to see, experience, and create so much good.

I realise now that what I have been through, and what I will go through, shape me for the better. I have learnt so many lessons through pain that I use to affect my present. I have experienced emotions that have taught me in ways that I can now shape my experiences.

I have been through situations that threaten to emotionally paralyse me, yet in that I have been shaped and grown roots that are so much deeper and stronger than ever before.

We are not alone in what we go through and often the kindness of another human heart, and the empathy and compassion we experience transforms then how we give, love, and support one another.

The key to being enveloped in the goodness of our present reality is learning as much as we can in the middle of the struggle. I can now look at things in a way that informs the decisions that I make. I have spent many years feeling like I have been drowning in my emotions or in unrelenting difficult experiences. What I see being outworked in my life now is being able to reflect on all that I thought would be my undoing, and recognise how useful those times I have been. I look up, I look forward, and I mindfully navigate the present moment.

Suffering is inevitable, but we can be invested in how we let it shape us.

Take heart in the midst of your current emotion, circumstance or experience, and know deep within you that it doesn't have to be wasted time when you look one day. Let the times of your breaking become the times of building on your solid foundations.

The times that have broken have the potential to become some of the powerful seasons that you've walked through because of what it has taught you. Emotion is real and absolutely has a place to be listened to, but if it's not helpful then reach out and let someone remind you that you are not alone and reflect to you the light you need to carry you through

You have a purpose, you are undeniably loved, and there are so many wonderful things in store for you xo


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