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Not Giving Up

What does it mean when we make a decision not to give up?

Sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to make that decision and moreso we found it thrust upon us.

Example- when I had a 10 month stint in hospital I didn’t get the opportunity to completely give up. I had to keep getting up and face each day and I didn't get a choice in that. While I was surviving others fought for me until I realised I had to be the one to fight to get my life back.

I was drowning but other people had my back, until I started to fight for myself.

Giving up may look like not getting up in the morning, ditching your fitness goals day after day, abandoning eating foods that nourish your body, letting go of self-care, or engaging in thought patterns or behaviours that are negative and that take you down.

Refusing to give up means surviving until you can find your fire again- your motivation, your joy, your strength. It’s often periods of limbo where we can’t fight for ourselves that propel us into the next season. Where we didn‘t make use of our time, where we didn’t actively work on ourselves, where we let life happen to us rather than for us, that becomes our reason to fight when we do eventually find our fire.

I love that when you search for the word strength the second definition that pops up say this: “the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.”

When you’re trying to find strength to go on or to make the next move please remember this: If you’ve managed to withstand difficult times you don’t need to find your strength- it’s already within you. That strength is what carried you for and brought you through to be in the moment that you’re in now.

For the months that fell to the wayside, for the days that old cycles of thinking took away and destroyed, let that become your motivator to get up and work more intentionally on yourself than ever before because I know that certainly became the case for me. I now try and make up for the lost seasons by doing everything I can to work on myself now.

Not giving up means letting the past make you stronger. The events that occurred may have been soul-crushing so it is not the events themselves that make you strong, but it’s you. It’s the tenacity and the perseverance that occurred in surviving those crises.

It can be easy to think that one event, words or actions from one person, an addiction, or a lifestyle defines you but they can’t unless you give them the power to do so. It is always possible to find strength within- to take one step, to set one goal, to change one behaviour.

If we weren’t made to evolve, to grow, to transform, we wouldn’t need a lifetime here on earth. This life is here for you to grow, to dig deep and find out what truly matters for you, for you to discover what you’re passionate about and to pursue those things and to find the people that you love and love them with all that you have.

You weren’t created to stay in one place- in that one moment from the past, in that one unhealthy lifestyle, in that addiction. Strength begins the moment you commit to processing through the journey and trying to take one more step forward.

Henry Ford says “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Choose your mindset wisely, choose your perspective, choose what you will commit to and set some goals to help you get there.

Choosing to not give up in the face of adversity invites strength and wisdom and hope- hope for a better future, strength to persevere and wisdom in knowing how to take that first step.

If you’re struggling in your season reach out for help, look for resources, find someone to talk to. Sometimes you need others to fight for you before you can fight for yourself, and there’s no shame in that.

Don’t give up, choose to find your strength, engage your hope and move forward with wisdom. Anything is possible, and anyone can change. Don’t give up.


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