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I had a phone conversation this afternoon with someone dear to me and it was so good to talk things out and hear myself process. Here's what I heard myself process:

Mindset is so so important. In life everything will come and go- people, circumstances, bad days and good days, memories, feelings, you get the picture. At the end of each day what are you standing on? What do you believe for your life? Who do you want to be?

Something I am absolutely working on is congruency- for what I see in my own life and what other people see to be the same. I don't want to be one person in my own life or my own struggle or my own mindset, and to project something different to other people.

I spent a lot of my life being so great at that, projecting that things were amazing when underneath I was drowning in my struggle. I'd much rather grow and develop internally confidence and stability and the ability to be grounded and strong in my beliefs than to be two different people.

I'm learning that actively working on myself is the best thing I can do for myself. You can't wait for someone or something to come along and save you because it won't work if you don't do the work.

I want to be so grounded in what I believe, in how I speak, and in how I think, that bad days or unhelpful thoughts or unexpected circumstances sway me.I want to know where I stand.

I have a lot of cool things happening in my life right now like more podcast opportunities and study moving forward and goals and dreams and aspirations, but if I had a choice I would prefer for those to be stripped away and for the opportunity to work actively on myself if ever there came contention between those two things.

I had a thought earlier- what culture am I going to endorse? Am i going to step into the culture of unhelpful thought patterns and let them dictate what I'm going to do? Or am I going to step into the culture of what I believe and uplifting thoughts and patterns of behaviour. Rather than being a victim to the way the wind sways and surviving for the ride if a bad day comes along, I always have the choice to ground myself again and articulate and walk out what I believe, the mindset that I need to achieve my goals and step into my dreams and the way of living that's going to uplift me and move me forward.

At the end of the day, what you believe about yourself and the life you commit to living through all the seasons of life says a lot than the things you might achieve. The person you are becoming is so much important than getting goals ticked off a list. You have the power within to choose your mindset, to be firm about what you believe, and to cultivate within you a determination to stand strong and to build up resilience and courage and openness.

I hope for you that you are reminded that a bad day or a tough season doesn't determine who you are and the way you have to act. You do. You get the choice as to how you want to approach tomorrow, how you want to make choices, how you want to speak to others and how you want to speak out to yourself the life that you want to live.

Find someone to help you process things, find community around you that inspires and uplifts, find books or podcasts that motivate you and find stability and truth within you. You are made for so much, and a whole lot of that starts with working on who you are, how you think and being clear about who you want to be.

Take care xx


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