• Hannah Mason

Light in the Darkness

What do you do in times of crisis? Who do you become?

I was asked to write on how the human spirit shines brighter in the darkness. Here's what I know: I've known darkness. The dark falls each night but I have seen the darkness transcend the dawn and encapsulate every waking moment in a lengthy battle with severe depression. I wasn't shining brightly. I was a mess. And now the world seems to be in a crisis, a global pandemic, which has become a world of darkness for so many.

Here's what I have seen. So much of what we have known in our normal everyday routines and locations that we spend time at have fallen by the wayside. Some have fallen into their own version of darkness with fear and anxiety at the helm, and some have chosen joy.

What a beautiful time to dig deep and shine in a world that so desperately seems so dark. Times like these reveal who we truly are when everything is stripped away. We find so much of ourselves in times like these. When we're left alone in our own company we find out what we value and who we want to be.

Personally I have found myself emerging brighter, more motivated, and more disciplined than before. Without having so many activities and places to run between I have discovered within me a fire shining more of what I want to do with my life and who I want to become.

But it's not all about me. We see in times like these a community spirit that rallies together to make the world a brighter place. When we take who we want to be and the fire of what we want our lives to be about and use it to impact our world, things change.

In crises such as bushfires and floods, both of which we've seen this year alone in Australia, local communities band together and the nation comes together to support those around us in need. You see we all know someone in need. Global pandemic or not, there is always someone in need. What is it you want to do with this life of yours? Do you want to speak and inspire others? Start by speaking hope to your neighbour. Do you want to impact others to help them discover their best lives? Spend time with those around you- your family or friends and let them know with that time that you value them, that you appreciate who they are, and that you see in them the potential of all they can be.

The human spirit shines brightly as we come together from around the world to support one another, and the human spirit shines brightly when we take the time to work on ourselves and discover who we can be, and implement all that we can to become that person.

You shine brightly. You make a difference. You have an impact. You are needed here. Only in the darkest times, be it on a national level or in the darkness of your bedroom, can we truly discover our light and all that we were made to be. If you want to shine brightly in a time of darkness speak kindly to yourself, then speak kindly to others. Treat yourself well, and then treat others well. You need to look after you if you want to help your community shine brightly. We look after ourselves and we look after each other. We have a beautiful resilience that emerges through times of crises. Let yourself feel, let yourself heal, let yourself grow, then take that to the world. You make a difference, and we need that here xo


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