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Just show up.

It can be so easy in this day and age to believe that moving forward is comprised fully of letting go of yesterday and to stepping into tomorrow with no ties to the past. I’m often encouraged though that perhaps moving forward into a fresh day simply involves showing up. Regardless of what happened yesterday, show up today. Regardless of how you’ve fallen down in the past, show up today. It’s okay if you make mistakes that you’ve made before, it’s okay if you engaged in things that perhaps weren’t so helpful yesterday as long as you show up today.

That may not be favourably looked upon as a suggestion but we’re not perfect, we make mistakes, we fall down. What matters is that we learn from yesterday and face today with a willingness to try again. It’s okay if we fall down as long as we get back up.

Showing up involves a willingness to learn, to step back and evaluate, to move forward and grow. As long as you learn from what you’ve encountered in your journey so far, you are growing. As long as you learn something you’re making progress.

Your day doesn’t have to be perfect but I do

encourage you to make it worthwhile. Do something you enjoy. Read that book, paint that picture, spend time with your babies, go for that walk. Feed your animals, spend some time outside, watch that movie.

To make today worthwhile just show up. Show up with a willingness to shine your light, to admit your mistakes, to give something a go.

Today doesn’t have to be a million times more enjoyable than yesterday, it’s just important that you show up.

Remember most of all to give yourself grace. Fall down and get back up. Make a mistake and apologise. Try something new and get it wrong. Just commit to the process of showing each day with openness, with willingness, with intention.

Just show up.


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