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Help. Humility. Hope

I write this post as I reflect on the last 6 weeks. 6 weeks ago my internal world and external world felt full of chaos, out of control and desperation for someone to help me. So I reached out and I asked for help.

Doing so required honesty, brave, courage, humility and acceptance.

Anytime that we take a moment to pause and to let someone in to see the real, the raw, and the ugly parts of us, we take a step forward.

Courage begins with the commitment to take a step forward regardless and often in spite of our feelings.

Bravery begins with being willing to bare all, with being honest first to yourself about where you're at, and then opening up to others and letting someone in.

Humility takes hanging up your pride or your insecurity and allowing others to help you learn, change, and grow.

Acceptance takes an act of stepping out, analysing where you're at, affirming all that has been, and resting in what is in the present moment.

It begins with one step, one question, one venture, one act of surrender, one moment to let someone in.

We can't do this journey alone nor are we expected to. Take comfort in knowing that there are others around you who have been in your shoes, who have made it through circumstances that seemed helpless and hopeless.

Hope begins right where you are. Take courage and know that it is possible to survive a raging storm or make it through the desert, whichever your circumstances may be.

Take rest in this moment and let yourself breathe.

You are going to be okay.

Hold on, ask for help, and experience the ambience when things smooth over for you.

You're going to be okay x


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