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Growth in Operation.

There is so much I want to say, yet I’ve not formulated any of it into words. I have been reading and listening to information, authors and doctors, that in turn have opened my eyes as to how early experiences in life shape, rework and form how the brain works in shaping our reactions, how we process and recognise emotions, and to what degree our experiences shape our reality as an adult.

Growing up teaches us so much. We learn to ask the questions that are important. What do we believe in? Are we seeking growth? Are we letting life happen to us? Are we actively seeking and creating change in our lives, are we formulating the character and the understanding and the outworking of who we want to be?

It can be so easy to let life happen to us and to think and act in a way that reflects just being along for the ride. We’re called not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself, but are we using that as justification to stay where we are and letting go of the idea that today’s habits shape tomorrow’s goals.

It’s really important to recognise how we operate, why we live the way that we do, and to become clear on our goals, to seek out and start to the picture the vision for our lives, and what we want our character to look like. It’s important to implement and to safeguard relationships with people that we trust, to engage in activities that shape and teach us, and to mindfully immerse ourselves in environments and circumstances that bring us joy.

As I become older I realise that moving forward and learning is up to me. Building my character is up to me, seeking out information that is going to move me forward is up to me. Strengthening my faith is important to me and up to me. You can sit on the sidelines for as long as you like when it comes to building habits or choosing your mindset for the day but you don’t get today back.

I can listen and learn, and the choice is up to me on what I do with that. I like to think that the more I learn and experience, I can then use that to teach somebody else or to live a life that emulates who I want to be in the future.

I am in so invested in learning more each day, in listening to podcasts and reading books each day and in treasuring so many moments in my day that have brought me joy and mindfully being aware of that. I want to get through each day and look back at the end of it with something that brought me joy, with lessons that have shaped me, with friendships and relationships that I can hold close. Seasons change and hold different weight in our lives so perhaps do whatever you can to see some beauty, to sit in some gratitude.

The greatest opportunity that we have lies in today, for what we do today, the mindsets we allow today, the habits we engage in today, they’re what holds the most potential and impact in shaping tomorrow. Be inquisitive, be wise, be curious, be warm, be open to the beauty, the suffering, the growth and the challenges that today brings with it and see what you can do with it and the lessons that you can learn.

I haven’t written in a while and I don’t know what to say so I’m saying this: learning more is so fulfilling, walking more strengthens the beauty of the sunshine, investing in relationships grows my sense of contentment and thankfulness, intentionally engaging in activities that help promote the kind of day I want to have tomorrow brings so much joy. Be present and let yourself experience the fullness of the moment that you’re in, because you won’t get it back.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and find something you enjoy in each and every day xo

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