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Change and growth are a funny thing. I find when we're walking through seasons of life with new opportunities around every corner we tend to forget how far we've come. Then we have a reality check with a tough moment or a tough day or a tough circumstance, and we're confronted with how much growth we have left to do.

Growth is not a 'one size fits all' and often it doesn't come in bite size chunks. Often it comes in seasons, and moments that take us by surprise.

Growth comes in the small things- in talking with someone rather than isolating, in getting out of the house rather than staying inside and dwelling on where we're at and what's going on. Growth looks at who we are, who we have been and the person that we want to become. Growth looks at character over opportunities, faith over feelings, and implementing actions that stretch us and set us up for success, rather than resorting to past ways of 'comfort' that no longer serve who we want to become.

Growth is a choice and we can be in the midst of growth and the midst of turmoil all at once. Growth can look like success and self-care all at once. Growth sets you up to be the person that you endeavour to be.

If life has surprised you, or if life is going smoothly, know that what you have been through has empowered you to walk through this moment, and navigating this moment will set you up to walk through what you will face in the next week, the next month, the next moment.

Keep going, keep growing.


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