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If you're anything like me seasons can change in an instant for better or for worse. A new day around the corner can bring any amount of change unexpectedly and be such a distinction between what was and what will be.

I am in a season of change. Where I am now looks vastly different to where I was 3 months ago and I imagine in 3 months time that things will look very different to the way they do know.

3 months ago I was stuck in hospital not making any progress in a state of helplessness and hopelessness. I use the word 'stuck' because I believed that I was. When someone falls down the bottom of a hole and can't get up again for any number of reasons they are 'stuck' there with an inability to forge their own way out, needing someone to come and rescue them so that they can stand back up on their own two feet and move forward.

I believed that I had no say in what was my present situation and was desperately waiting for someone or something to free me from the position that I was in. What I wasn't doing was finding out how to create my own way forward.

For me being 'stuck' was a mindset that directly impacted by behaviours and my circumstance. What I believed I became. As I believed that I didn't have the capacity to move or to create change or to experience things differently, that became my reality.

It took a hell of a lot for me to realise that the way forward had to begin with me. As that dawned on me I began to take step at a time in the direction I wanted to move in, I challenged my mindsets and I became more intentional with what I did in my way and with the words that I spoke.

Intentionality is everything. You can have a thought to do things differently but if you don't place action and commitment behind it nothing will become different. Start prioritising your present by lining it up with the person you want to be in the future. Do your actions today line up with your goals for tomorrow? Does what you say today

directly move you into the person you want to be tomorrow? Do your priorities weigh more on fixing who you were yesterday or creating who you want to be tomorrow?

You can't just sit and wait for change, you have to be active in creating it and making it happen. You have a lot more influence over your world than you think you do. Do you speak the way you want to? Do you think in a way that promotes growth? Do your commitments today fit into your goals tomorrow?

You have to make this happen. You have to be active in change and intentional in grounding yourself in the midst of it. You have to rest, move, talk, and think in a way that promotes growth. You have to be kind to yourself and give yourself space to breathe- physically, mentally and spiritually. You have to be firm about the goal and flexible in your methods. Change lies in your hands, and it lies in mine. Be intentional about your mindset and completely dedicated to your growth, it could well change your life x


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